Convert Your Enterprise Data into Smart Business Insights

The data is one of the most prized assets for business organizations. Volumes of data have skyrocketed in recent times, pouring from various sources. Major data driving sources include mobile applications, customers, and organizational departments. However, business organizations are facing an uphill task of managing the humungous data systems. These systems don’t allow a single data view. Thus, enterprises end up with limited data insights and intelligence for improved business decisions and accelerated outcomes.

EZlytix Data and analytics consulting allow enterprises to unleash new data opportunities. It helps them to deploy business automation, drive business insights, and optimize the process. Our strategic data and analytics consultants help use their expertise to understand the client’s needs. These experts create a cutting-edge solution, which speeds up decision making and tackles the most daunting challenges. Data and Analytics consulting also allows you to view quick results and leverage other benefits-

  • Improve Business Performance with Better Decisions
  • Optimize Data Assets
  • Understand Customers Better
  • Improve Revenue and Margins
  • Spend more time analyzing data and less time collecting data

Begin Your Transformational Journey with Data and Analytics

Your journey to use Data and Analytics begins here …

Automation of Integrated Data

Are you planning to integrate your data from various sources to accurately
analyze it? EZlytix is your solution.

At EZlytix, our consultants will help you in data consolidation. This data is received from a wide spectrum of sources such as mobile and web
applications, CRMs, spreadsheets, etc. We can create an analytics platform for you.

Advanced and Innovative Analytics Platform

It’s time to get rid of that expensive data warehousing.

The advanced analytics platform advances a step further with modern cloud architecture and upfront technologies. Business insights can be streamlined to decrease costs.

Business Intelligence and Data Visualization

Data visualization is a process of representing data and information
through graphics and charts.

Our enhanced and innovative data visualization solutions help customers to
view reports beyond the dashboard concept. We strive to create a powerful
and information-rich experience.

Improved Quality of Data

Are you sure that you have accurate data?

Managing business becomes a major challenge for managers and
executives if they don’t receive the right data inputs. Thus, we focus on
constantly improving the quality of data. Quality of data becomes crucial
during reconciliation and reporting activities. Our data analysts also have expertise in master data management and data auditing to ensure precise reporting.

Cost-Effective and Profit Boosting Solution

Are You Paying More for Data Analysis and Reporting?

Data Analytics has helped the business enterprises to reduce their cost of
analyzing data and reporting. The companies can also minimize their
indirect costs. The organizations can focus more on boosting their profit.

Comprehensive Support and Maintenance Services

If you think that the onus of excess analytics work is hampering the
productivity of your IT team, we are here to share your burden and
decrease the load.

EZlytix provides comprehensive support and maintenance with
specialization in data and analytics solutions. Support includes Service-
Level-Agreements (SLA), partial support, visits of the onshore and offshore teams, etc. We employ the right experts to cater to your customized needs.

What Type of Data and Analytics Challenges Does Your Company Have to Face? Tell us, we are listening.

  • Maybe you are trying to innovate your business processes and operations but find that the data is scattered in multiple places.
  • There are times when you search for new data, but it takes too long to respond. This is increasing your expenditure.
  • You have invested a good amount into reporting, but nobody is using it because of unfamiliarity with the tools.
  • You are devoting too much time to gathering information without realizing its true value.

If you are facing any of these issues, just get in touch with us to resolve all the problems.

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What our clients says?

Bruce A,Winsystem

EZIytix made it easy for our management to better understand operation and profitability. Increased productivity by over 15%

Karl Berger360 Consulting

EZlytix was able to combine ERP and CRM data that helped us improve sales efficiency by over 25% focusing on more profitable products and customers

Kevin ClorTNT

We were able, for the first time, geolocate all of our sales and products to identify areas of saturation and areas of opportunity. It's a game-changer.

Bob PoplinCFO Silicone Specialties, Inc

With EZlytix, we get information immediately, whereas before we would have to print and analyze reports for the same information. It is one of the better analytics tools that I have seen for Infor. It's flexible and allows you to do so many different things with your data. We made it accessible to a much larger group of people in the company and we were able to see the ROI within the first month.