Expand Your Business with Effective Use of Business Intelligence

Expand Your Business with Effective Use of Business Intelligence

In this digital world, it is important to understand the complex as well as the simple needs of your business. Entrepreneurs tend to focus on complex business problems. However, they tend to overlook the minute but essential components that have a huge impact on their business.

Earlier, business owners used to overlook business analytics, business intelligence, etc. but it has a huge impact on the overall growth of your business. Modern businesses have learned their lesson and give adequate importance to this aspect. This study will help you to learn more about Business Intelligence.

What is business intelligence?

Business Intelligence is also known as BI is an amalgamation of technologies, tools, practices, and applications. They help firms to collect, analyze, integrate and present raw data into valuable insights. This business information can be then used to develop an actionable plan.

Business Intelligence is made up of-

  • Queries and reports
  • Analytical processing
  • Data mining

The main purpose of Business Intelligence is to provide the managers, executives and other operational heads with precise data. This data helps them to make better business decisions.
Several organizations use Business Intelligence to identify better business opportunities, cost-cutting, and spot inefficient business processes.

Advantages of using Business Intelligence

The advantages of Business Intelligence can be determined based on the purpose of the business. Every business uses BI for a different purpose as per the modern business scenario.

Discussed here are some of the common aspects for which BI can be used at your firm-

  • Optimize internal business operations
  • Boost decision-making process
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Identify market trends
  • Gain competitive advantages
  • Recognize business problems
  • Gain better revenue

Often, entrepreneurs are confused between Business Intelligence and business analytics. Business Intelligence has the potential to transform firms. BI is more about reporting and not about process management. Hence, entrepreneurs must have sufficient knowledge about-

  • What comprises of BI?
  • How to start about?
  • When should you expect results?

Discussed here are different techniques to use BI through which you can expand your business-

Advanced customer knowledge

Customers are not always interested in purchasing your product. With the evolving market dynamics, they too are changing and need a solution to this problem.

Over the years, there has been a drastic change in the approach of companies. They can now develop the initial interest of the customer towards a product/service and convert it into sales.

Customer engagement has resulted in extreme promotions of the product/service.

There is a lot of demand for tools that consist of built-in BI. For instance, CRM is a tool that helps its users to understand their real-time interaction with their customers. The tool also offers accurate data to users to reach their customers.

Besides, acquiring accurate data is also important for the following departments-

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Product development
  • Finance
  • Operations

Accumulation of all this data helps BI to provide you with a precise customer profile. BI can also help you to determine the customer’s interaction with your business and their future scope on the business.

A better understanding of your audience also helps you to improve your customer service. You can design campaigns based on customer insights and earn better results.

Smart decision-making process

The fundamental purpose of BI is to streamline your organizational information and analyze it. BI helps firms in strategic decision-making. Your organization gets a centralized system to locate, update and lead to improve business decisions.
For instance, if you intend to bridge the gap between subordinates and managers you can use a good CRM sales tool.

The tool provides you with essential business metrics such as-

  • Team performance
  • Customer preferences
  • Productivity
  • Sales cycle
  • Core customers
  • Customer’s buying behavior
  • Market trends
  • Revenue

A specific set of data is compiled into the sales CRM to acquire these metrics. The CRM uses its reporting attribute to analyze this huge data. Once the analysis is done, the system provides you with the actual figures.

As a business owner, you can now make decisions based on these facts and figures and instead of merely following your gut feeling.

Improved productivity

BI can help entrepreneurs to –

  • Refine your business process
  • Get rid of bottlenecks
  • More organized
  • Automate your daily tasks
  • Prioritize tasks without manual labor

Organizations can make productive use of sales people’s selling time and improved customer service with the help of successful BI implementation.

Automated reports and an intuitive dashboard can help you to boost business efficiency. It allows you to track every minute detail of your business within a few clicks.

Cloud BI can help you to access customer data and reduce the administration time. Your employees can easily gain much-needed information through the system and in a hassle-free manner.

Your employees can add their daily updates to the system. This can be done with minimum human efforts since most of the information gets updated automatically. This will help you to keep your business data integrated.

Improved ROI

The above points indirectly offer a helping hand to improve the firm’s ROI. Every business prioritizes return on investments. The main reason for this is to focus on acquiring extra revenue and expansion.

A good CRM system that comprises of a built-in BI can help businesses to improve their daily-

  • Customer experience
  • Sales efficiency
  • Sales deal conversion metrics

These systems help you to analyze huge data in comparatively lesser time. This analysis can help you to draft future expansion strategies. The BI software provides you the right insight and disciplines. This helps you to manage your current sales and prospects.

You no longer have to follow the process of hypothesis and preconceptions that might lead to a wrong course.


Entrepreneurs tend to believe the myth that the BI platform is very expensive. It is more likely suitable for large organizations only. However, this is merely a myth.

Modern CRM tools have built-in BI that optimizes all your business operations. You can have a better understanding of your potential audience and draft better strategies to boost sales. This will help you to earn better business revenue.

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