Analytics – “It shouldn’t be this hard”

These are the simple words that inspired us to create EZlytix. We have been involved in dozens of Business Analytics implementations. We followed the traditional playbook. Buy the hardware and software upfront, pay the yearly maintenance costs, hire the consultant(s), build the internal team and within 6-9 months, hopefully, begin to see results.Our goal was to re-write the traditional analytics playbook. EZlytix is a turnkey solution built for SMBs who cannot afford to follow the traditional playbook, but still want powerful, actionable insights into their business. EZlytix is a cloud-based solution that delivers the vibrant visualization that you expect. More importantly, we have integrated powerful data management and data cleansing capabilities that deliver a “single version of the truth” data store in about a week.

We’ve accomplished our goal. It’s now easy to implement a full-featured Business Analytics platform with pre-written dashboards, KPIs and reports. You will obtain meaningful results in a matter of days without a large upfront CAPEX investment.

Sachin BakhaiCEO & Co-Founder

Sachin is a visionary technologist and a serial entrepreneur. He has 20+  years of cumulative work experience including Consulting and Product start-ups. He brings significant executive leadership, sales and marketing experience to the Company. Sachin has vast experience taking new products and services to market from concept through commercialization. Prior to EZlytix, Sachin has founded Parallel Branch Inc., Blink Consulting and Neo Consulting. Earlier, he worked with Oracle Consulting. Sachin holds MS in Information Systems from Northeastern University and Bachelor of Engineering from Mumbai University; India.

Rishikesh SardeshmukhCOO & Co-Founder

Rishikesh has 20+ years of experience in Consulting and Product Development with special emphasis on offshore operations. He is responsible for EZlytix product development, professional services and operations team. Earlier in his career, Rishikesh worked with GE, Cummins and Blink Consulting in leadership positions. He has extensive experience in setting up and managing offshore operations, building capabilities, business growth through partnerships and quality-driven approach at every level of service delivery. Rishikesh holds a MBA in Systems and Operations Research Management and a Bachelor of Polymer Engineering degree from Pune University, India.

Carl GentileVP & Co-Founder, Customer Success & Professional Services

Carl is a serial CIO. As a trained data scientist, he has delivered data analytics solutions for multiple mid-market manufacturing and distribution companies. Carl has a unique understanding of all things data and an appreciation for the cultural changes required to implement a data analytics solution. EZlytix helps businesses grow and compete in today’s difficult business environment by unlocking the data that is trapped in their internal systems.