Managed Analytics-as-a-Service

Rewrite your traditional analytics playbook to achieve an ROI of up to 1200%.

Self-Service Real-Time Analysis

Maintain, enhance, and analyze your data in real-time without depending on the IT team.

Pricing, Margin & Inventory Intelligence

Achieve item-level visibility of your prices, margins, and entire inventory from beginning to end.

Retail Omnichannel Data Analysis

Understand your customers’ shopping behavior within seconds and design profitable strategies.


Our retail dashboards prepare you for all scenarios so that you always stay ahead in the fierce competition. We have 150+ customized reports to help you deal with tight margins, volatile markets, and changing customer demands. EZlytix delivers best-in-class retail data analytics for Netsuite, Syspro, Odoo & infor users.

What we bring to you

Smarter Decision Making

Reach your goal of high profitability by getting the data insights you want and making smarter decisions.

Boost Operational Efficiency

EZlytix uses Operational Intelligence (OI) to deliver visibility and insight into business operations and boost them.

Anticipate Customer Needs

Gain the full picture of your customers, reduce churn, identify products and services that require improvements, open upsell opportunities, and target promoters.

Store Performance Management

Visualize real-time metrics to understand how your retail store is performing in current market conditions.

Customer Profile Management

Collect, analyze, and utilize comprehensive data about your customers. Visualize everything through intuitive dashboards.

Supply Chain Visibility

Gain better control over your supply chain and product distribution processes to reduce overhead costs.

Our Projects

We are the leaders

Sales and Margin Analytics Brochure

Sales and Margin Analytics Brochure

Identify opportunities to maximize gross margins, improve planning & forecasting and understand revenue drivers using EZlytix.

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Free Assessment

Free Assessment

Get a detailed Business Analytics Maturity Assessment Report

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    What our clients says?

    Bruce A,Winsystem

    EZIytix made it easy for our management to better understand operation and profitability. Increased productivity by over 15%

    Karl Berger360 Consulting

    EZlytix was able to combine ERP and CRM data that helped us improve sales efficiency by over 25% focusing on more profitable products and customers

    Kevin ClorTNT

    We were able, for the first time, geolocate all of our sales and products to identify areas of saturation and areas of opportunity. It's a game-changer.

    Bob PoplinCFO Silicone Specialties, Inc

    With EZlytix, we get information immediately, whereas before we would have to print and analyze reports for the same information. It is one of the better analytics tools that I have seen for Infor. It's flexible and allows you to do so many different things with your data. We made it accessible to a much larger group of people in the company and we were able to see the ROI within the first month.