Why Analyze Your Sales & Margin Data in Real-time?

Determining the sales and margin of your business is an exercise that you should conduct regularly. Gaining valuable insights into the financial health of your organization will help in securing its future and increase your brand’s market value.

On the other hand, mid-market organizations usually struggle to identify the factors that drive their product’s gross margins. The lack of real-time analytics data creates roadblocks for executives who are always looking for new sales opportunities.

Using Traditional Analytics Tools is NOT an Economical Option Anymore!

The data of companies are spread over various disparate systems like ERP, CRM, Custom Applications, etc. This makes the process of data consolidation and real-time analysis extremely challenging and time-consuming. Companies with diverse product portfolios, geographical presence, and customer base find it hard to identify true growth drivers. It’s also important to measure the company’s sales performance against the plan/forecast. Identifying the root cause of variances from the plan/forecast consumes significant time and resources.

Traditional analytics tools can address the above challenges but are an expensive proposition. Moreover, they can take anywhere between 6-12 months to be implemented successfully in your organization. This time frame excludes the training of your employees to operate the analytics tools effortlessly. Thus, they are not a viable option anymore.

EZlytix Simplifies Sales & Margin Data Analytics For You!

Designed for mid-market manufacturing, distribution, and retail organizations, EZlytix Sales and Margin Analytics solution integrates the supply chain data from multiple source systems and analyzes them in real-time. Along with interactive dashboards and reports, the leading industry metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) help business users to identify opportunities and poorly performing product lines, and ultimately improve gross margins. They also provide insights into customer-buying trends while monitoring current sales performance. The drillable reports provide a 360-degree view of business performance across all departments of the organization.

Opportunity Flags

Sales and Margin Analytics solutions provide value to organizations that wish to improve performance in the following areas:

  • Maximize gross margin
  • Improve planning and forecasting
  • Understand customer behavior
  • Drive sales team
  • Optimize prices
  • Reduce customer attrition
  • Find growth opportunities

Key Business Questions Answered

  • How can you monitor and improve gross margins?
  • Which products and customers have the highest/lowest gross margins?
  • How can you measure the performance of each product in your product line?
  • Can you identify the under-performing sales rep?
  • How is your sales team performing in terms of volume and selling price?

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What our clients says?

Bruce A,Winsystem

EZIytix made it easy for our management to better understand operation and profitability. Increased productivity by over 15%

Karl Berger360 Consulting

EZlytix was able to combine ERP and CRM data that helped us improve sales efficiency by over 25% focusing on more profitable products and customers

Kevin ClorTNT

We were able, for the first time, geolocate all of our sales and products to identify areas of saturation and areas of opportunity. It's a game-changer.

Bob PoplinCFO Silicone Specialties, Inc

With EZlytix, we get information immediately, whereas before we would have to print and analyze reports for the same information. It is one of the better analytics tools that I have seen for Infor. It's flexible and allows you to do so many different things with your data. We made it accessible to a much larger group of people in the company and we were able to see the ROI within the first month.