How Managed Analytics-as-a-Service achieved unprecedented business growth for an industry-leading provider of embedded computer solutions


Replace the time-consuming Excel spreadsheet with real-time, graphical analytics while saving upfront investment and reducing the overall time required for data analysis.


EZlytix customized and implemented nearly 150 pre-built reports, which helped in delivering accurate forecasting and trend analysis.


A profitable SaaS-based analytics model that has accelerated business growth and decelerated both the cost and time required to analyze massive volumes of business data.

Executive Summary

WinSystems Inc., an industry-leading provider of embedded computer solutions, was facing a tough time in compiling and analyzing data coming from 600 different components. EZlytix pitched in its extensive library of 150 pre-built reports and helped the client adopt managed analytics in the most economical way possible. They were then able to make business-critical decisions in a short span of time and achieve growth never seen before.

The Challenge

The key stakeholders and decision-makers were dependent on Excel to record data from different applications in bits and pieces. Thus, they found it challenging to analyze the data in spreadsheets manually and draw a conclusion out of it. Moreover, there were no graphical insights provided to the sales team for visualizing current business trends and predicting future ones.

Our Solution

To address the client’s challenges, EZlytix implemented a pre-built analytics solution and customized it as per the client’s existing business workflow. It helped them to:

  1. Gain better insights into their current sales margins and predict future trends accurately.
  2. Get up and running within a few weeks, and not months, with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).
  3. Understand all KPIs and related metrics easily through graphical representations.


The several tangible benefits of EZlytix solution for the client are as follows:

  • 100% automation of data analytics after replacing Excel spreadsheets.
  • Managed Analytics fetched an ROI of nearly 1200% as compared to the traditional analytics playbook.
  • Improved sales and overall revenue due to real-time, accurate predictions of market trends.

About the Client

WinSystems Inc., provides embedded computing solutions through a variety of products along with engineering and manufacturing services. Our products are designed for performance-driven applications such as industrial automation, security, medical/diagnostic equipment, MIL/COTS, test and measurement, and transportation.