4 Reasons Why Investing in EZlytix is More Profitable Than Power BI

4 Reasons Why Investing in EZlytix is More Profitable Than Power BI

Before getting the answer to the question- ‘why you should look to invest in EZlytix rather than Power BI, it’s important to first understand the two services on board.

Both EZlytix and Power BI have been introduced to provide business analytics solutions to explore methodical and iterative organizational data with a focus on statistical analysis. Business analytics proves to be a worthy tool for enterprises committed to making data-driven decisions.

Data-driven companies always get an upper hand competitive advantage as business analytics help to track performance indicators, analyze trending data and recommend how to handle situations in the future.

Apart from that, both EZlytix and Power BI aim to provide interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities with a simplified interface. Both allow users to create their own dashboards and reports.

If EZlytix and Power BI have these similarities, then where’s the difference? And why EZlytix is a better choice in comparison to Power BI? Let’s find the answers.

EZlytix is A Perfect Choice for SMBs

Let’s face the truth. Not all startups, small and medium-sized business enterprises can afford to hire the traditional playbook. EZlytix is a cloud-based turnkey solution that offers powerful actionable insights along with delivering vibrant visualizations, data management, and cleansing capabilities. It offers customized solutions with all pricing included.

On the other hand, Power BI is offered by Microsoft Corporation with a few key components. However, it offers different features based on the plan you opt for. This can prove to be a costly affair.

Here, in this blog, we will compare EZlytix and Microsoft Power BI on four major fronts and tell you why investing in EZlytix is a profitable decision. These are-

  1. Customization and Pre-built reports
  2. Deployment Time
  3. Self-Service Capabilities
  4. Functionalities

Customization and Pre-Built Reports

It’s no secret that customization and pre-built reports and dashboards allow your management team to make faster and more accurate business decisions.

In addition, implementing an effective internal reporting system enables you to streamline your communication with the end-user. Furthermore, you can quickly respond to the rapidly changing industry trends and gain more flexibility to accomplish your set target.

EZlytix offers Managed Analytics as a Services (MAaas), a cloud-based fully configured analytics solution with a wide spectrum of features and benefits. You get access to more than 80 industry-specific actionable insights and data.

This is a digital age where 73% of the business organizations have already invested their money into Big Data analytics and Business Intelligence. Moreover, it is expected that 50 million more smart devices will get connected to the world, ready for collecting, analyzing, and sharing data.

Managed Analytics as a Services has gained impetus as an advanced reporting tool that increases productivity, accuracy, and timeliness.

MAaas automates data from various sources into a single source of truth. This reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) where you don’t have to invest in any upfront capital or resources for data extraction or generating reports.

Microsoft Power BI is a traditional SaaS-based business analytics platform that does not provide customizable pre-built reports. Furthermore, the total cost of ownership is also higher as compared to EZlytix.

Deployment Time

Any organization planning to implement business analytics wants to get meaningful results within the quickest of time. And this where EZlytix again wins the race against Power BI.

With EZlytix, you can get started within 4-6 weeks’ time. It means that you can access all your reports, data, and insights quickly to develop your business strategy accordingly. It also allows you to view the results within 3-4 weeks.

Since the deployment time is much faster, it enables you to curtail your analytics investment by over 60%.

Deploying Power BI business analytics into your organization completely and successfully can take over 4-6 months.

Self-Service Capabilities

One of the unique features that you come across in EZlytix is the benefit of self-service capabilities. It means that users or business enterprises can control the platform on their own according to their convenience. They can spend more time analyzing data insights and less time preparing and consolidating data.

When it comes to Power BI, Tableau, or Qlikview, the users only have access to visualize the self-service capabilities. They are not allowed to operate them.


The features and functionalities of business analytics are evaluated on various fronts such as quick implementation, data visualization, security, mobile access, and faster time to market.

EZlytix has streamlined all these features to deliver business benefits. For instance, it has eliminated the risks related to the implementation by faster deployment service.

Similarly, it has used Amazon Web Cloud Solutions to boost the security of customer data.

On An Ending Note

We compared both EZlytix and Power BI on major fronts and saw how EZlytix is a better choice than Power BI or Tableau. However, there are some points where it proves it is worth more than its competitors. It includes self-built data quality and management platform for maintaining data accuracy and consistency.

Besides that, you also don’t have to pay an additional cost for support and upgrade, third-party integration, and custom configuration.

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